For practitioners

Free 2 Talk provides a comprehensive integrated range of support and interventions, providing packages of support to meet varying individual needs and circumstances including their mental heath and well-being.

Free 2 Talk celebrates collaborative holistic approaches tailored to meet individual needs and actively seeks to engage, enhance and up-skill expertise in related professionals

We ensure that services meet the outcomes of national and local agendas in integrated working for children and families; we recognise and value our partners and are skilled in integrated assessments and planning processes. Stakeholders matter and their involvement is a celebrated key to the Company’s development and expansion, forming a dynamic integral platform in on-going monitoring and evaluation of all its work. We strive to provide a key link in local provision, actively seeking to work with existing multi-agency partners and central assessment processes.

Programmes available
Please view the following pages  to give you an indication of the programmes and interventions we offer. Please talk to us as we are able to provide bespoke solutions, combining interventions to meet identified needs.

Call for JNC qualified and professional Youth and Community Workers…. Regular events to debate Institute for Youth Work with the National Youth Agency. Email to book your place now.