About Free2talk

Free 2 Talk’ (F2T) is a not for profit organisation. It provides realistic and effective solutions to challenges that arise for children, young people, families, communities and the Practitioners, Agencies and Services that support them.


As a consolidated frontline support service, F2T proactively aims to compliment and add to Health, Social Care and Children and Young People’s Services. The organisation’s concept and formation is based on professional expertise, practice and heartfelt beliefs. It provides a comprehensive range of support and intervention programmes to meet the varying needs of individuals, families and practitioners alike.

Free 2 Talk’s leadership value Northamptonshire, we are local people providing local support. Our organisation recognises quality effective provision  and therefore is committed to provide qualified staff to support and develop our local workforce across the county.

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Free 2 Talk

Blackthorn Nursery / Family Centre, Blackthorn Bridge Court, Blackthorn, Northampton, NN3 8QD.

Telephone: 07786227365
Email: enquiries@free2talkcic.org

We value your feedback, comments and complaints to consistently inform our effective delivery. Please feel free to contact us with this or view our Feedback Comments and Complaints Policy  for more information. Our named lead for Safeguarding and Child Protection is Jodie Low, please contact her on Jodie.low@free2talkcic.org to discuss this area further.