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Youth Work

Mondays 8-11 years – 4.30pm Arlbury Road Community House, Blackthorn

Mondays 12+ Street Activities Blackthorn

Tuesdays 8-11 years – 4.30pm Bellinge Community House

Tuesdays 12+ 6.30pm Bellinge Community House

Wednesdays 12+ 6pm Lings, Brookside Hall

Thursdays 8-11s  4.30pm Semilong Community Centre

12+ and wanting someone to talk to or

16-19 and looking for work?

Personal support to achieve your aspirations contact us on Facebook
'Youthworker JodieandGenna' or by email on
 Also a chance to get signed up for
Youth Achievement Awards with projects to add to your CV!


Have your say and be a young leader, call Jodie on 07786227365 …

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Feeling unsafe online, speak to one our Youth Team at our centres or online. Or click here for support…